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The pilot's availability is used to assist mission coordinators in finding pilots who are appropriate for a mission, and to avoid contacting pilots who have indicated that they are not available for either:

  • An indefinite period of time
  • A specific period of time
  • Or, a certain times on a regular basis.

A pilot can update his or her own availability settings, and should be encouraged to do so on a regular basis to avoid getting unnecessary calls from mission coordinators.

Determining Availability

AFIDS can determine a pilot's availability in one of two ways depending on the context, described below. You can use the various parameters of the availability in find operations, or specialized reports used for coordinating missions.


As of today. If you are searching pilots, for example, you can check an "available" field to return only pilots who are available. In this case, AFIDS uses the pilot's general availability and considers whether he or she is available today.

For a specific date, i.e. a mission date. If you are searching for pilots for a particular mission, AFIDS will take into consideration the pilot's general availability for the date of the mission, as well as the availability preferences which apply to that mission. For example, if the mission falls on a weekend, and the pilot has indicated that he or she is not available on weekends, the pilot will not appear in the results.

General availability

If no date is specified, then general availability is assumed, and status as of today is assumed. The pilot is considered available if:

  • If the not_available flag is true, and the first and last_date fields are null, then the pilot is considered "not available" indefinitely
  • If the not_available flag is true, and the first and last_date fields are set, then the pilot is considered "not available" during the period between the first and last date (inclusive)
  • If today falls in between the first_date and last_date, then the pilot is not considered available.
  • If the not available flag is false, then the pilot is considered available
  • If the not available flag is true, but today's date is not between the first and last date, then the pilot is considered available

Availability preferences

If a date and flight time are specified, then all of the following criteria must be met in order for the pilot to be considered available:

  • The pilot must meet the General Availability described above for the date of the mission
  • The mission date must meet the availability preferences based on whether it is a weekend or weekday (no_weekday, no_weekend)
  • If the mission takes place at night, the no_night field must be set to 0. This is based on the flight time field in the mission leg record.

Other preferences

Other availability preferences may be available in find/search operations:

  • last_minute. Is the pilot available for last minute flights?
  • as_mission_mssistant. The pilot may indicate availability as a mission assistant. This setting is independent of the other pilot availability settings and preferences.