Your aircraft

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Your aircraft

If you are a pilot, you can use this section to maintain AFIDS' records of the airplanes you fly, whether you own or rent. This is very important information for the flight coordinators; it helps them find suitable pilots for missions based on the distance, weight, number of passengers, and so forth. Coordinators also use this information to help passengers and pilots on linking flights find whom they are supposed to meet when arriving for a flight. The more up-to-date you keep this information, including tail number and color, the smoother the flight.

Note that the database of aircraft in AFIDS does not include all makes and models. The purpose of the aircraft data in AFIDS is to assist in flight coordination, so we have broken makes and models down into groups according to their general capability. There is no need for us to maintain a significant level of detail about the aircraft, and this helps keep the list manageable. So, we ask that you please find the closest match to your particular aircraft. For example, if you have a 1985 Cessna 172 M model, you will find that your best match is Cessna 172.

In addition to the make and model, we ask for some specific information about your aircraft:


If you own multiple aircraft, or rent from a small pool of possible aircraft, you can flag one as the primary aircraft. This is the aircraft that will be automatically attached to your flights. If you are planning to fly a different aircraft for a particular flight, please let the coordinator know so he or she and update the flight information.


Having the tail number of your airplane can help passengers and other pilots find you on the field when meeting you for a flight. If you are a renter, you can enter "Varies" in this field.


Knowing the color of your aircraft is also helpful in arranging meetings at the airport.

Number of seats

Since the seating configuration sometimes varies with make and model, we ask that you provide us with the number of seats in your aircraft. Please provide the total number of seats. We will assume that one seat will be occupied by the pilot.

Icing capability

If your aircraft has "known icing" capability, please let us know.