Uploading mission photos

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Uploading photos

The organization uses photos from missions and events to display on the web site, use in newsletters and other promotional material. We encourage members to take photos and upload them so we have a great selection to use when spreading the word about the organization.

To upload a photo, click on the link in the tools section shown below:

Upload photo link.png

The photo upload form is shown.

If your photo is related to a mission, then it's important to provide the details about the mission so we can match it. We ask for the passenger's name, the origin and destination, and the mission date. Please be sure these are accurate.

When entering a caption for the photo, please remember that the caption is public. Do not include anything in the caption that would not be appropriate for display on the public web site. Also, do not use full names of any individuals, e.g. passengers, mission assistants and companions. This is our policy to protect people's privacy.

Please note that you also have the option to include up to five photos with your mission report. These photos are automatically associated with the mission.

Photos must be less than 3MB in file size, and either jpg, gif or png format. If your photo is larger than 3MB, please use software on your computer to scale the photo to a smaller size.

Also please note that all photos are reviewed by staff for appropriateness. Staff may also remove duplicates. They will not appear in the photo gallery immediately.

If you are uploading a photo that is associated with an event, then please select the event from the drop-down list.