The Instrument Panel

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The instrument panel, as the name suggests, is designed to give you a top level view of the information in AFIDS that's "mission critical." This is a good place to start your experience in AFIDS, and this is where you will land whenever you first log in to the system.

Pilot instrument panel.png

The Current Missions display shows all the upcoming missions for the organization. Green lines indicate that the mission is a commercial flight, for your information. If you want to see only missions originating from your primary or home base airport, click the "Map" link in the upper right. You can also view available missions in list form by clicking the "Avail" link.

The priority list provides personalized alerts which are important for you, or may be of interest to you.

Each of the following functions are described in greater detail in their own sections of this guide:

1. Account settings, where you can update your personal profile and set preferences for personalizing your AFIDS. There is also a link to the support page if you have questions, or need help.

2. Tabs for Missions Available, Missions Pending, and the map view of available missions

3. Left Navigation for Tools & Reports