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Handling of pilot requests

VPOIDS administrators have a number of options for how to configure the members' experience when requesting a mission leg.

Members will generally request a mission leg from the missions available list (one of the three options, basic, compact, or advanced). Clicking the button to request the mission displays the request page. In some cases, links are provided directly to the request page, for example, from the missions available email. Both paths are described here.


If you wish to block pilot requests by non command pilots, or block requests for filled missions, there are two pages for which content needs to be defined in the Page Content section (under Reference). These pages contain the content that's presented to the user when their request is blocked, so you will want to make sure these pages read the way you want them to before changing the configuration.

  • Pilot Request Mission Filled
  • Pilot Request Non Command Pilot

The titles explain under which scenario they are presented.

Air missions (pilot flown mission legs)

The system allows for users to request a mission leg as a command pilot, or a backup pilot, or as a mission assistant. In order to request as a Command Pilot or Backup pilot, the member must have a flight status of Command Pilot, or Command Pilot Retired. Any member can request as a mission assistant.

For command pilots, a mission leg is displayed in the missions available list as shown:

Pilot request command pilot.png

If a mission leg has no Command Pilot, the "Request this mission" button is enabled for Command Pilots. If the mission leg is filled, the button is labeled "Filled." However, organizations can choose whether to enable the button or not. Some organizations may wish to encourage multiple requests in case of last minute cancellations.

If the member is not a command pilot (or command pilot retired), the organization can choose to enable or disable pilot requests. If the organization allows non command pilots to make requests (as a mission assistant for example), the request link appears as it does for the Command Pilots shown above.

If the organization chooses to disable requests for non-pilots, the link appears as shown below.

Pilot request non pilot 1.png

If the user clicks on the link, a modal dialog is displayed with further instructions. The text of these instructions is set in the page content table, in the item labeled "Pilot Request Non Command Pilot" (key: pilot_request_non_pilot).

Pilot request non pilot 2.png

If the user himself or herself has previously requested this leg, the request link is disabled and labeled "Already requested" in order to prevent duplicate requests for the same leg.

In some cases, there will be other requests already posted and in the queue for staff review when a user submits a new request. The request page will warn the user that there are requests in the queue ahead of them, as shown below. This helps set the user's expectations that their request may be rejected, or it may encourage them to request as a backup.

Pilot request prior requests message.png

The message is specific about the type of request(s) entered so that users are not discouraged from adding a new request which does not duplicate any prior request.

Linking to the request page

If the user is linked directly to the request page, the same organizational preferences will be enforced.

If the mission is filled, and the organization does not allow additional requests, the user is redirected to an information page with instructions on how to request as a backup pilot or mission assistant. The text of these instructions is set in the page content table, in the item labeled "Pilot Request Mission Filled" (key: pilot_request_leg_filled).

Pilot request mission filled.png

If the user is not a Command Pilot or Command Pilot retired, he or she is redirected to a page which displays the same text in the pop-up message described above.