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Report requests


  • Grant writing (Kathleen)
  • Fund raising (Janet)
  • Wing leaders (Cheri)
  • Outreach (Cheri)
  • Pilot recruitment (Cheri)
  • Mission operations (Josh)

From Janet

Outreach related reports from AFIDS

Always as sortable excel file For unique passenger numbers:

  • total, plus % of children, average number of unique passengers flown more than once
  1. Destination Reports – by facility name - “Where do they come from and how often”
  • be able to identify medical center/camp or other facility with as much specificity as possible
  • Not just Stanford, but Packard/Children’s or department
  • contacts at these destinations – name, title & email address
  • Looking for two types of contacts:
    • Facility contacts developed by AFW volunteers
    • Facility contacts that become requestors for receiving passengers
      • by different date ranges
      • how many passengers received via AFW
        • unique number of passengers and also total number of times passengers were received
    • By geographic origin of passenger address –
    • by Wing, by City, by County if possible
  1. Origin Reports – “Where are people going from this area and how often?”
    • geographic location of passengers by By Wing, by City, by County if possible
    • how many unique passengers and how many total times were passengers taken by Wings (break out No and So CA),by City, by counties if possible
    • by different date ranges
  1. Requestor Reports – “Who is asking for or referring passengers”
    • By Destination facility/department – name, title and email address
    • By Geographic origin of passengers - who is the requestor - facility, doctor or other contact name, title email address
      • By Wing, by City, by county if possible
      • By different date ranges

NOTE: Overall, would like to be able to give percentage of requests for service that originate from Passengers initiating the call/request compared with those from a medical/social service agency or person.

Passenger reports from AFIDS

Always in sortable excel files Not by name By different date ranges

Totals - By Wing (No & So CA separated) and By county (if that's not possible, by City)

  • Disease
  • Reason for flight – medical care, camp, relocation etc
  • Need for flight – medical condition, financial need, geographic location
  • Employer
  • Air transportation method
    • Private pilot –
      • Two mission legs for one round trip itinerary
      • More than two legs to complete round trip itinerary
    • Mileage ticket
      • Paid ticket (assistance funds)
      • Combination of types of transport required

From Josh

  • List of flown routes by frequency
  • Cancellation factors and trends - broken down by areas, time of year, mission factors (passengers, weight, distance), new vs. repeat requests
  • New requests vs. repeat requests flown in mission totals and how many transition into repeat
  • Orientation data - who is completing the orientations and how frequently
  • pilot/membership growth and decline over time by area, airport, etc…
  • pilot demographic information
  • workload tracking by employee in AFIDS

Board report (see separate xls file provided to board)

From Emmet

New members report

  • join_date MemberID flight_status WingID WingName last_name first_name city county zipcode veteran ident name

From Kathleen

Well, in that case here's what I've come up with:

(a) It would be great if we could run the statistical summary by Wing or state (b) Add 'unique hospitals/agencies served' to the statistical summary (c) On that same summary, break out missions by pilot flown & commercial (d) Add a 'county' search field to all reports

(1) Capability to produce reports like the one you did of pax by state of residence.

(2) Add a "County" field to 'find' searches (passenger, agency, leg, mission, camp, member, pilot)

(3) With regard to the stuff I ask Emmet for, it's usually something like this: New members and new requesters for the Oregon Wing from 6/1/2011 through 5/30/2012. Of course the Wing and date range changes each time. At the same time, I ask him to pull corresponding outreach reports.

Good morning, Stephan. As you requested, here are the issues I mentioned yesterday:

(1) In AFIDS 1.0, I could do a passenger search by state or city and the list of names would come up along with a total number. The number’s gone. Can I find it elsewhere?

(2) In SEARCH MEMBER APPLICATION, when trying to identify employees of a particular company, the name of the company for the search has to be identical to what’s in the application. This doesn’t work. It used to be I could enter Pacific and any company with ‘Pacific’ in it would come up. But in 2.0, even if I put in (for example) Pacific Bell, Roger Bohl won’t be in the list because in the records it says “Retired Pacific Bell.”

(3) In the MISSION TYPES BY WING, can we add a line with the totals at the bottom?

I think that's it for now, apart from the Wish List items. Do you want those now, or shall I surprise you on the 14th?

On the online mission report form, under "Which Wings were represented," it says:

Click box for each state from which their were attendees

It should be "from which THERE (not their) were attendees."

Phase I tickets

  • Board report for mission operations
  • New report for member counts
  • New requesters and new members reports
  • Add totals column to mission types by wing
  • Passenger search:
    • Report of passengers by state of residence for a given date range
    • Passenger search by city or state with a list of missions
    • These list passengers. Could probably be handled by the current passenger search with some additional filters
  • Passenger stats
    • Illness
    • Transportation method
    • Legs per mission
    • Distance
    • Cancellation percentage

Issues to address

Some additional data needs to be captured during the mission intake/coordination process:

  • Need for flight
  • Did the passenger request, or a requester?
  • How did the request originate (the referer)
  • Consistency of how we use requester and facility and releasing physician
  • Consistent use of passenger illness category (could be a cleanup task also)

Also, we need the databases of destination facilities, which is in progess