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2013 Q1

Tickets from the backlog

During Q1, we'll address these major functionality tickets from the backlog:

  • Missions available enhancements, with design input from Ripe Media
  • Fix the print functionality throughout, with help from Ripe
  • Implement the full camp functionality according to the spec
  • Other minor tickets

Pilot request enhancements for mission assistants

During Q1, we will spec out the desired functionality for mission assistants, looking at the processes from the perspective of the pilot, the mission assistant and the coordination staff. The implementation will take place later.

Earth Angels

In this quarter, we will tackle some of the foundational elements of the Earth Angels program, namely building the databases which will be used to facilitate ground coordination.

  • Create a missions available list filtered for Earth Angels.
  • Create a member application for Earth Angels (this is dependent on the organization establishing policy)
  • Create destination facilities database
  • Create lodging database
  • Add fields to FBO database

Full description:

Planned enhancements for Ground Angels Program-1

Turbine pilots

We're labeling this long range pilot functions. In this quarter, we'll provide a list of multi-leg missions showing the origin and final destination with the total mileage and display that for pilots with long range aircraft.

Full description:

Planned enhancements for long distance pilots-1

Revising this to think about the problem more generally. Referring to it now as push notifications to pilots.

Push notification mechanisms for missions to pilots


In this quarter, we'll create a basic executive dashboard for the ED, Mission Operations, and Assist ED for display on their instrument panel.

Full description:


Mission report

In Q1, we will add two survey questions and a blog post entry to the mission report. We'll add the new tables to store these elements. Later, we'll add more functionality to process this new information.

Full description:

Mission report enhancements-1

Airport & fbo changes

  • Add commercial operations fields to the airport table, and a waiver required flag.
  • Add a new table for airline service mapping airline to airport
  • Add fields to the FBO record.

Full description:

Airport and FBO changes