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Notes from the Q3 Priorities call (6/17/13)

Issues to consider:

  • Sharing a leg with more than one organization
  • New pending lists, or filters for linked and shared legs
  • Notify the linking/sharing organization when a pilot is added
  • Create new roles:
    • Wing leader
    • Pilot level 1 and level 2

How to consider canceled flights (for wings):

  • Create two reports, one based on destination, one based on either origin or destination

Doug requested that aircraft type and n-number be added to the member roster. Stephan will add a ticket for this.

There is a strong desire to have the ability to delete people. Because this is complicated, Stephan will cost this out and the organizations will consider funding that as a separate project.

There is a desire to have advanced functionality for some passengers and requesters who travel/request frequently. This functionality will be documented here. Priorities are:

  • AFOK: None
  • AFSC: High
  • AFC, PALS, MFSE, AFW: Medium

Eileen brought up integration with Salesforce. No one else is currently using a CRM, but AFW has been considering it. Many organizations use Donor Perfect or eTapestery, which is also a possible point of integration with AFIDS, and also could possibly be replaced by Salesforce. We will continue to research this, and Eileen will report on their progress with Salesforce as PALS gets more familiar with it.

Carry over from the Q2 list

  • Remaining camp functionality
    • Implement the single mission leg in the available list, and the matching feature
  • Earth Angels
    • Continue looking for a source of FBO data
    • Possible grants to fund the full specification
  • Turbine pilots
    • Collect a possible user group/research panel to begin collecting market feedback on what's needed.

Major development initiatives for Q3 2013