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Filing your mission waiver electronically

Waivers must be signed by all passengers before the flight. Paper waivers must then be mailed before the flight. Pilots have the option of having passengers sign electronically to eliminate the need for mailing the paper document.

The waiver can be displayed and signed on a computer, tablet or smart phone. The passengers will sign using a mouse on a computer or their finger or a stylus on a tablet or phone.

Accessing the waiver

The waiver is specific to the individual mission. In order to verify the identity of the signer, you must use a special link to the waiver, which includes a security token. That link is included in the email you received with your itinerary form. Please have your email available on the mobile device which you intend to use for the passengers to sign the waiver.

Electronic waiver email.png

If the mission has more than one leg, there will be a link to the waiver for each leg. Please choose the correct leg, as the waiver is specific to the leg. The correct information will not appear in the waiver unless you choose the correct leg.

You will need to have internet access on your device when accessing and submitting the waiver, whether using mobile data or WIFI.

Here is an example of how the waiver will look on a typical smartphone:


Signature blocks are automatically inserted for the passenger and any companions of record in the mission leg. If the passenger is a child, a signature block is inserted for the passenger’s guardian instead of for the passenger.

If the mission assistant is listed on the mission, a signature block will be added for his or her signature. If not, a blank block is provided. Under either circumstance, please have the mission assistant sign.

If you have additional people who need to sign, for example, a companion who is not listed on the mission record, click the link to “Add additional signatures” as shown below. Please ask these individuals to also enter their name using the onscreen keyboard on your device.

Waiver addl signatures.png

Once you have all the signatures, and the photo release, simply click the Submit button and the waiver will be saved.

Note that only the passenger’s signature is required.

Signature quality

Electronic signatures are quite common these days. They are a facsimile of a signature, and therefore don’t need to be perfect.

Waiver signed.png

Spanish Waiver

You can toggle between the English and Spanish versions of the waiver by clicking or tapping the link at the top of the page.

Waiver spanish link.png


Thanks for using the new electronic waiver. Please email or call the office with any questions or feedback on the new system. Note that you will be able to view the signatures from your mission summary when you log into VPOIDS. This will provide you a facsimile of the waiver for your records.