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Adding a New Member Application

When a new member application is received in paper form, a staff member or volunteer transfers the data using the Add New member application link in the Reports Menu.

This process walks the user through the process of collecting the application data following the format of the paper application.

If the paper form includes a signed affirmation, the process gives the user the ability to indicate this. If the application has not signed the affirmation, indicate “no.” AFIDS will then send follow-up emails requesting that the affirmation is signed. In addition, when the member attempts to log in to AFIDS, if the affirmation is not current, he or she will be re-directed to a page where the member can agree to the affirmation.

Refer a new member application

Referring an application gives you options for posting the application to another organization, either an AFIDS user or an organization whose software is compatible with AFIDS.

You can refer an application by email or by electronically posting it to the other organization's server. Referring an application by email includes the application information in the email and the recipient organization must re-enter the application. When an application is sent electronically, the application will appear in the recipient organization's list of unprocessed applications as though it had been posted directly to them.

In the list of un-processed member applications, chose the refer option.

Member application refer.png

Choose the organization to which you wish to refer the application from the drop-down list. Note: Only organizations in your linking organizations database will appear on this list. Furthermore, in order to appear in the list, the linking organization must have either have an email address for sending applications by email, or be configured for sending applications electronically. See this page for instructions on set up for electronic transfer.

Member application refer 2.png

Depending on whether the organization is set up for email or posting or both, the send options appear in the drop-down. Choose the appropriate send option.

Member application refer 3.png

If you choose to send by email you can add a cover note. When sending by post, the application is simply sent over.

Note that the application remains in the list as unprocessed. This allows you to also process the application into a member in your system in case you have a joint membership agreement with another organization. If you wish to remove the application without processing it, click the remove option in the list.

Processing a New Member Application

To begin processing a new member application, select the list of new member applications from the Reports menu. This list shows all the applications that have not yet been processed.

If the link in the “process” column is available, this indicates that the application was completed and is ready to be processed. If the application cannot be processed, follow the instructions in the next section on “Handling Incomplete Applications.”

The first step in processing an application is to verify the user’s data entry.

Handling Incomplete Applications

An application is considered incomplete if the application has not completed all the steps, including payment if applicable. There may be some data in an incomplete application.

It may be desirable to contact the applicant and find out why they did not complete the application, and perhaps offer some additional options in case they experienced technical difficulties.

If the applicant provided an email address, that address is shown. Clicking on the link clears the application from the list by tagging it as having been processed, but it also sends an email to the applicant. (The message text is prepared by an AFIDS developer.)

If the applicant did not provide an email address, there is no way to contact them and the only choice is to remove the application from the list by clicking the “incomplete” link.

Fulfilling the Member Premium

Angel Flight West uses a fulfillment house (Novapointe) for the fulfillment of new member premiums. The new member premium, if applicable, is automatically handled by AFIDS as a part of the new member application processing.

If for some reason the premium order is not sent to Novapointe, go to the members’ application, accessible from the Member View. In the Application View, the Novapointe ID is captured for the premium fulfillment transaction. If the ID is missing, there will be a link to “Fulfill New Member Premium.” Click this link to post the order to Novapointe. Once completed, the Application View will be displayed with the Novapointe ID filled in.

Tracking Fulfillment of the Member Premium

Once a new member premium has been shipped by Novapointe, the ship date and UPS tracking number is updated in the application. This typically takes 3-4 business days.

Go to the members’ application, accessible from the Member View. In the Application View, the ship date and tracking number appear in the bottom portion of the application form. If the premium was sent by UPS, you can click on the link to get the tracking details from the UPS web site.

Sending the new member badge and notebook

When a member record is created, a flag is set for the fulfillment of a member badge and notebook. AFIDS can track the fulfillment of these items.

In the Reports menu, there is a list of Members needing a badge or notebook. When the badge and notebook have been sent, click the update sent link for that member, and the member is removed from the list. The data on which the link was clicked is updated in the member record and can be retrieved for later review.

New member notifications

Once each week, a batch routine sends an email notifying certain individuals of a new member joining.

To set up the new member notifications:

1. Create an email alias for the list of individuals who should receive notification of all new members. 2. For those who should receive new members only in their wing, assign these members a member wing job. These members would typically be volunteers in the wing who manage the members in their wing only. 3. Ask the AFIDS developer to customize the member application form which these members receive.

Note: Members designated as wing leaders (by their member wing job) automatically receive notification of new members in their wing.

Member renewal mailings

Adding a Member renewal Application

Processing a Member renewal Application

Handling incomplete Renewal Applications

Updating the Pilot Affirmation