Mission photo overview

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Mission photos

Pilots may upload photos of their missions. These are used for the newsletter, as well as for display on the web site in a rotation. Photos of events and other activities may be uploaded and archived through this system as well.

Ultimately, there is a desire to tie the photo with a mission in the database. This enables key data to be correlated with the photo, data that has been checked for accuracy by virtue of its use in the mission coordination process.

If a photo cannot be connected with a mission, it cannot be approved. This is a safeguard against inaccurate information being presented on the web site. It can, however, be downloaded for other purposes, however, in order to download the photo, the user must be an authenticated AFIDS user.

The reviewer is responsible for editing the captions and notes to eliminate any last names or passengers, requesters, or pilots.

Note that this process does not insure that the photo release has been signed on the mission waiver.

When a photo is uploaded, the member enters certain information about the mission and the photo. A limited amount of data validation is performed at this point to minimize the burden of the process on the member.

The mission photo upload form (mission_photo.asp) is on the AFIDS server.

The photo is copied to a directory on the AFIDS server and a record is created in the missionPhotos table. The approved flag in the record is set to null.

The mission photo must be approved before it appears on the web site. This review is done using a process requiring AFIDs authentication. A list of photos not yet reviewed is presented by the mission_photos_list.asp script. The reviewer chooses a photo to review. The form presents the information entered by the member for editing and correction, and enables the reviewer to view the photo, and provide some additional information as to the quality and type of photo. If the reviewer approves the mission for presentation, thumbnail and display size images are created and stored in a directory on the AFIDS server. Once the approved record is saved, the photo may appear in rotation on the web site.

(Specs for the thumbnails and display images)

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery picks photos from the approved mission photos for display on the web site. The script takes parameters for wing and photo type, which filter the pool. After this filtering, the script prioritizes the available photos by recency and photo quality.

To prevent redundancy of presentation, the script creates a list of candidate photos. That list is sent to the calling script with the intention that the calling script will store that list of candidate list in the user’s session using the ASP session. If the calling script detects the presence of a candidate list, it does not need to re-call this script.

Searching photos for publication or other purposes

Photos in the database can be searched by a variety of criteria:

Approved/not approved Mission Date (as entered, or if connected to a mission, the mission date of record) Passenger name Pilot name Photo type Photo quality Keywords in the caption or notes Image size or resolution


Mission_photos.asp The script that uploads the photo and creates the initial entry into the missionPhotos table. Report/mission_photos_list.asp Presents the list of photos for review Report/mission_photo_review.asp The script which handles the review process. This script also creates the thumbnails using an image component. Photo_gallery.asp Pulls photos in rotation for display on the web site. This script is located on the AFIDS server, and is called by the ASP script on the web server that displays the page. The script take parameters for wing and photo type (mission photo, event, or other). It returns a list of <img> tags with the path to the chosen image which comprise the photo candidates in priority order. The alt attribute in the img tag contains a description of the photo which is displayed above in the gallery. Report/Mission_photo_search.asp A search script for use by the newsletter editor and others to pull photos according to specific criteria.