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Merging members

When two member records are created by accident, they can be merged.

The process involves choosing a record to keep and a record that will be deleted. Some manual editing may be necessary after the two records have been merged. For example, some of the data in the record to be deleted may be missing from the record that will be preserved. For example, if a fax phone number is available in the record to be deleted, you'll need to make a note of that and manually enter that fax number into the record being preserved.

Records that are related to member will be affected as follows:

  • Pilot aircraft. Aircraft associated with the deleted record will be added to the record that is preserved. This may result in duplicates that will need to be manually removed. You will want to verify which are the current aircraft prior to the merge so you'll know which to keep.
  • Availability. Availability will be removed for the record that's being deleted.
  • Applications and Applications_temp records will be merged, which may result in duplication.
  • Pilot record. The pilot record will be removed for the record that's being deleted.
  • Mission legs. Any mission legs flown by the pilot will be merged (same with mission legs for which the member is a mission assistant, backup pilot, driver, etc.)
  • Pilot requests will be merged.
  • Pilot documents will be merged
  • Personal flights will be deleted
  • Member orientations and orientations as MOP will be merged
  • Pilot date will be deleted.
  • If the member is a coordinator, that will be deleted. If the new member is already a coordinator, no changes will be required. If not, you will need to manually add a coordinator record to the member record to be preserved.
  • If the member is a master member for any other member records, those records will be updated with the new member.
  • Member wing jobs will be merged.