Member id validation

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Member ID Validation API

This API can be used by partners to validate a member's status with Angel Flight West, for example, for the purpose of offering a discount on products or services. Each AFW member receives a unique ID when they join, which they can submit along with their name when placing an order.

The API is a REST API and returns JSON.

End point


Pass the following parameters:

* key (required). The API key provided by AFW to the partner.
* password (required). Password provided by AFW.
* member_id (required). The member ID.


The possible responses are:

  • result = success
    • member_status. Possible options: Active/Not Active/Member ID not found. Active indicates that the member is current at AFW.
    • last_name. If the member is active, the last name is returned for additional verification.
  • result = failure
    • error_message: Possible options: No member_id passed/Invalid credentials