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Member renewal process

Business logic for renewals


Flow of the multi-step form

The following is the flow of the multi-step process.

method executeStep1

The process starts with this method. It accepts two parameters, id for the application_temp id, which is used for editing an existing application, and member_id. If the member_id is passed, the staff is entering a paper application for a member. If no member_id is passed, the system uses the member id of the currently logged in member, which is the case when a member renews themselves.

This method makes sure that the renewal is due within 60 days.

If so, it creates an application form object, which is either empty for a new application, or populated based on the application_temp id if the user is editing an existing application.

Before passing control to the template, the method calls a private function called fillStep1, which sets default values for the form based on the information in the member's record. (The idea is that when a member renews, they are verifying the information we already have in the system for them.)

The template is set to "step," which causes the template stepSuccess to be called.

template stepSuccess

This template sets up the frame for the multi step form, which the top navigation, and then calls the appropriate sub form (partial) based on the step. The first one is _step1.php

template _step1.php

method step1Check