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Member Recognition Program

Organizations may wish to recognize member for reaching specific milestones, like a number of missions flown. This system is designed to help staff manage such a program.

Recognition tiers

The first step is to define the milestones that will trigger a recognition event. For example, a milestone might be the first mission flown.

Member recognition tier.png

To create a new tier, add a new tier and provide the information requested in the form:

Member recognition tier edit.png

  • Description. A description of the milestone for your reference.
  • Based on. What is the event based on? Currently "Missions" is the only available option. Future options may include years of membership.
  • Increment. The increment of the units specified in "Based on." For example, and increment of 1 with "Based on" equal to "Missions" would indicate the first mission flown.
  • Reward Description. A description of the reward for your reference only.

How events are created

Events are created using a nightly batch process. This process will go through the list of tiers and look for any members who have crossed any of the milestones who do not already have an event record for that tier. These events are listed in the member recognition events, described below.

Fulfilling Member Recognition

The fulfillment of a member recognition event occurs offline. The system notifies staff when a milestone has been passed by creating a recognition event. The system also allows staff to mark each event as fulfilled or completed once that recognition, whatever it may be for the organization, has been completed.

Staff will periodically view the list of member recognition events. These events are created by the nightly process described above.

Member recognition events.png

By default, the list shows unfulfilled events, but the list can also be used to view fulfilled events or events by a member's name.

When an event is fulfilled, the user clicks the link to "Update Filfilled" and the system updates that record.