Managing email communications

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Managing email communications

Your organization will frequently communicate with you via email. You can set preferences for these emails as follows:

Email Blocked

Your organization will use AFIDS to send mass emails to groups of members or other persons in the system. For example, flight coordinators can send out an email to notify members about an upcoming flight that needs a pilot. While the staff will attempt to target these mailings as carefully as possible to minimize irrelevant communication, these are not personal and are unsolicited.

If you do not wish to receive these emails, you can set this field to "Yes."

Very important: This setting does not limit other types of emails which are personal. For example, a flight coordinator may send you personally a flight information form from AFIDS, or, he or she may get your email address from AFIDS and send you a personal email from their email client program. You will also continue to receive personal email like renewal reminders from AFIDS. This setting only affects mass emails from AFIDS.

Text-only email

Most emails that come from AFIDS have two formats, HTML and text only. HTML emails are easier to read on a computer or tablet device, but may be difficult to read, or take a long time to download, on a phone. If you prefer to receive emails in the lighter text-only format, set this field to "Yes."

Your email address

Use this field to set the primary email address which will be used for your mass email communications from AFIDS. There is a secondary email field in the personal information, which may be used by the staff for personal emails.