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Managing mission orientation pilots

Orientation pilots are member who have received special training, or an orientation, on how to provide an orientation for new members.

New members who wish to fly as a command pilot need to have an orientation before they can fly as a command pilot. They will search for orientation pilots in their area using the Mission Orientation Pilot Directory, or MOP Directory, in AFIDS.

Orientation information

There are two fields in the pilot record which capture information about the member's orientation as a mission orientation pilot, the orientation date and who provided their orientation (mop_oriented_date and mop_oriented_member_id). The orientation date is required in order for the member to appear in the MOP directory.

The MOP Active flag must be set to Active in order that they appear in the MOP Directory. In some cases, MOPs become inactive. If this happens, change the MOP Active Status field to "Not active." Do not remove the information about their orientation, as this is permanent and does not need to be repeated in case they become active again. If the member becomes active again, simply change their MOP Active Status back to "Active."

The MOP directory

Pilots who have a MOP Oriented Date and a MOP Active Status of active will appear in the MOP Directory. MOPs can be filtered by wing. The wing of the pilot's membership is used to determine their wing.

Deprecated fields

The regions served field (mop_regions_served) and served by (mop_served_by) fields are no longer used.