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AFIDS performs the following logging.

Mission events

Changes to mission legs are logged for the following events:

  1. When a mission leg is updated, certain events are logged. These updates are done using a trigger:

BEGIN INSERT INTO mission_leg_change (id, leg_id, change_date, cancelled, cancelled_to, pilot_id, pilot_id_new, event_type_id) VALUES (id, NEW.id, now(), OLD.cancelled, NEW.cancelled, OLD.pilot_id, NEW.pilot_id, 2); END

This should probably be done in the update method, because the trigger is not able to udpate the person who made the change, which is key. We could get the old values by reading the record before updating it.

  1. When an itinerary email is sent.

Mission events: 2 = Change to the mission leg


  1. When a mission itinerary email is sent
  1. When an email is sent to members regarding a mission.
  1. When a mass email is sent to members

Logging captures the text of the email, and the select statement. Perhaps the number of emails sent successfully and the number of errors. Also who sent it.

Batch email logging

Batch emails are also logged in the system.