Filing a mission report

From VPOIDS Documentation

Once you have completed a flight as a Command Pilot, please file a mission report giving us the details of your flight. The mission report is important for us to maintain our records and for your record of your charitable donation.

To see a list of your flights which have mission reports outstanding, click on the "File Mission Report" link in the left navigation as shown below.

File mission report.png

Your missions are shown in the display. If you have filed a report already, you can modify it if necessary until it's reviewed and approved by the staff. Once approved, the mission report will no longer be available for editing.

Select "File Report" to complete your mission report.

For a pilot flown mission, the information requested is as follows:

  • Mission Assistant name. If you had a mission assistant on the flight, please provide his/her name.
  • Is the Mission Assistant a member? If the mission assistant is a member, please indicate Yes.
  • Pickup airport. If you picked up different passengers at multiple airports, enter each pickup airport separated by commas.
  • Dropoff airport. If you dropped off different passengers at multiple airports, enter each dropoff airport separated by commas.
  • Routing. If your flight involved stops other than the pickup/dropoff airports above, you may enter your full routing if you wish.
  • Passenger Name(s). Enter the names of each of the passengers on this flight separated by commas.
  • Commercial Flight. Sometimes, pilots may purchase a commercial ticket for a passenger rather than fly the flight. If this is the situation for this mission, please enter the cost of the ticket in this field, leave the hobbs time blank, and leave the aircraft selection blank.
  • Airline Reference #. If applicable, you can enter the airline confirmation or other reference number for a commercial flight.
  • Hobbs time. Please include all hours of a round-trip even if the passenger was not only on board for part of the flight.
  • Mileage. Please make an estimate of the total, round-trip nautical miles flown for this flight.
  • Expenses. If you wish to list any other expenses for this mission for your record keeping, you may enter them here.
  • Aircraft. Select the airplane you used to fly this mission. If you used another airplane not listed, enter the make, model and Tail Number in the space below.
  • Mission Comment. Please enter a comment for the mission coordinators, if you wish.
  • Upload a photo. If you have photos of your mission, you may upload up to five here in this form.

For a ground mission, the information requested is: