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Copying itineraries

Copying an itinerary is a convenient way to enter new missions for repeat passengers. In many cases, much of their travel experience will be the same.

When an itinerary is copied:

  1. Information is collected about the new itinerary, assuming that the following information will be different:
  • Mission date
  1. The itinerary itself is copied
  1. The missions are copied, except:
  • Flight time
  • Appointment date
  • Mission date
  • Mission specific comment
  1. The mission's companions are copied
  1. The mission legs are copied, except:
  • Pilots, including backup pilots, mission assistants, etc.
  • $mi_leg->setWaiverReceived(null);
  • $mi_leg->setWebCoordinated(0);
  • $mi_leg->setMissionReportId(null);
  • $mi_leg->setPilotAircraftId(null);
  • $mi_leg->setShareAfaOrgId(null);

For commercial legs:

  • $mi_leg->setFlightTime(null);
  • $mi_leg->setConfirmCode(null);
  • $mi_leg->setFlightCost(null);
  • $mi_leg->setFlightNumber(null);
  • $mi_leg->setDeparture(null);
  • $mi_leg->setArrival(null);

All missions that are copied are assumed *not* to be canceled.

Note: Itineraries are not reversed

Reversing a mission