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Comments related to missions

These fields are comments in the passenger record. Therefore, they carry over from mission to mission with the passenger.

  • public_consideration. This describes the reason for travel, in fact, we are considering changing it to reason for travel. It is public information, and is included in the itinerary forms, on the missions available list, and so forth. It should not contain sensitive information.
  • private_considerations. These are notes which are not shared with the pilot or publicly, and can be used to capture sensitive information about the passenger's condition, or information that pertains only to the coordinators.
  • travel_history_notes. This field was intended for private notes about the passenger's travel history, specifically any problems that have arisen which coordinators should know about. For example, cancels frequently, frequently late, etc.
  • ground_transportation_comment. This field is public, and is designed for information about the passenger's ground transportation needs.

These fields are specific to the mission, so would be the same for all mission legs in a mission:

  • comment. This comment field is private.
  • mission_specific_comments. This field is public, and is generally used for any considerations that pilot may need regarding this missions specifically. It's often used for loading information about baggage, wheelchairs, strollers and so forth which may pertain to only this flight.