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Flight Status

A member's flight status determines some of the privileges the user has in the system. In particular, the flight status of Command Pilot or Command Pilot Retired enable the user to request, accept and fly a mission as a Command Pilot.

In order to be granted the status of Command Pilot, the member will typically complete an orientation and have certain credentials verified by a volunteer or staff member. Since this happens outside of the VPOIDS system, the user who changes a member's status is responsible for making sure that all of the organization's policies have been followed. This process will enforce some of these policies, but cannot enforce all of them.

The member's flight status is changed from the member view, as shown below. To make a change, click the "Change" link.

Flight status change 1.png

A dialog box is displayed with a drop-down selection for the new flight status.

Flight status change 2.png

If the member is currently not a Command Pilot or Command Pilot Retired, then changing the flight status to Command Pilot requires that the user enters the orientation information (date, and the name of the MOP). Changing to another flight status that does not grant Command Pilot privilege does not require additional data entry. Also, changing from Command Pilot to Command Pilot Retired does not require the orientation information. Note that the system will not allow the user to change the flight status to Command Pilot Retired from any status other than Command Pilot.

Flight status change 3.png

When a member's flight status is changed to Command Pilot, other events are triggered:

  • If the organization is configured to do so, the person is automatically subscribed to the missions available email list.

If the member is a Command Pilot or Command Pilot Retired, and the user wishes to change their status to something else, then the system give the user the option to remove the orientation information from the member's pilot record.

Flight status change 4.png

Note that this will be an unusual case, perhaps it will be the case when a member's flight status was changed in error.