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Canceling a flight

As is the case with all mission operations, the mission leg is the key component. When a flight is canceled, it is the mission leg that is canceled. Sometimes only one mission leg of several in an itinerary or mission is canceled, and other times, it is necessary to cancel all the mission legs in an itinerary or mission.

For your convenience, you can cancel a mission leg only, or cancel all mission legs at once at the mission or itinerary level as well.

Canceling a single mission

Find the mission leg. Select edit.

Canceling all legs in a mission

Find the mission. Select edit.

Canceling all legs in an itinerary

Find the mission. Select edit.

What happens when you cancel a mission

  • Emails

When a mission is canceled, emails are sent to:

For an itinerary:

  • The passenger
  • The requester
  • The agency

For a mission leg:

  • Coordinator email address
  • Get Pilot email address
  • Get Backup Pilot email address
  • Get Co-Pilot which is relate to Member
  • Get Backup Co-pilot email address
  • Mission assist email address
  • Backup mission assist email address
  • Pilot Aircraft email address
  • Share AFA ORG email address

For a mission:

  • Passenger email address
  • Requester email address
  • Coordinator email address
  • Other Requester email address
  • Other Agency email address
  • Agency email address
  • Event tracking