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Callsign IDs

Pilots flying charitable flights can choose to use a callsign when filing flight plans, requesting flight following, and so forth. One example is NGF. The FAA has requested that organizations assign a unique ID for each pilot which will help them contact the pilot if necessary. Using the last three digits of the aircraft registrations did not meet these requirements.

Assigning the ID

In the pilot view, there is a field called callsign ID. Add a unique four-digit number for the pilot, which he or she will then use as their callsign. For example, if the pilot is assigned number 1002, he or she would use NGF1002 as the call sign.

Pilot callsign id.png

Mission Itinerary

If the pilot has been assigned a callsign ID, the number will be displayed in the mission itinerary as shown below, for the pilot's reference.

Pilot callsign id two.png

Searching for the callsign

If the pilot needs to be contacted by the call sign ID, users can search for the callsign ID from the pilot find screen.

Pilot callsign id find.png