Availability reset

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Batch process to update availability

The user has the ability to specify his or her availability for flights.

There is a field for general availability, which can either be 1 or 0. Note that the way the system is currently set up, the field is called not_available, and 1 means that they are not available, 0 means that they are available.

There are also fields for first and last date. These are start and end dates for periods of non-availability or non-availability. Note that it doesn't make sense to specify a period of availability, since the pilot is assumed to be generally available, so the system assumes that any period specified indicates non-availability.

The batch process runs every day. If today's date falls within a period specified by the user, the availability will be set to 1 for not_available.

If the last_date is prior to today, not_available is set to 0, and the first and last date fields are cleared.