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Reviewing and Reconciling mission reports

Staff must review and approve the mission reports filed by volunteers before the mission leg will be counted against the statistics.

Every month, as soon as practical after the end of the month, staff should reconcile the month's reports and make sure they are all entered and correct. Once they are correct, staff should run the permanent mission statistics for that month to snapshot that information into the historical record.

Reviewing a mission report

When reviewing a mission report:

  1. Make sure the mission leg is not canceled. Sometimes, volunteers will file reports to inform you that the mission leg has been canceled, or think that they need to file the report anyway even though a mission is canceled.
  2. Make sure the hobbs time or commercial ticket cost is reasonable. The mission report must have a non-zero hobbs time, or a non-zero ticket cost.
  3. Make sure the mission date is accurate. The mission date in the mission report will generally be used in favor of the mission date in the mission, since it may have changed when the flight was actually flown.
  4. Make sure that the mission report was not filed for a linking mission.
  5. Check for errors in grouping mission legs under one mission report. Refer to the filing mission reports page for more information.

Reviewing a mission report

The general formula for making sure that all missions are properly recorded is:

All legs scheduled = mission legs flown + linking legs + mission legs canceled

When reconciling mission reports, you are considering all mission legs flown, regardless of the mission type. Note that some mission types are not counted against the statistics that are reported publicly, and so the numbers will not correlate to the reports that count only statistical mission types.

Only mission legs which have an approved mission report will be counted in the statistics.

Canceled mission legs should not have an approved report. (It's OK if they have a report, as long as it's not approved.) Linking legs should not have a mission report.