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Adding a pilot to a mission leg

You can add a pilot to a mission leg without switching to the edit view.

In the mission leg view, if there is no pilot on the mission leg, there is an "add pilot" link as shown below.

Add pilot 1.png

Find the pilot using the name, either the first name, last name, or both to narrow the results.

Add pilot 2.png

Once you have identified the correct pilot to add, click on the pilot's name.

Add pilot 3.png

If the pilot has only one aircraft, the pilot is added to the mission leg, and the pilot's aircraft is added as well. Note that when changing a pilot, the previous pilot aircraft is automatically removed.

Add pilot 4.png

If the pilot has more than one aircraft, a list of the pilot's aircraft is displayed. Select one of the aircraft to add, or cancel (using the x at the top right corner of the modal dialog box) if you do not wish to add an aircraft.

Add pilot 5.png

To remove a pilot from a mission leg, click the remove link. When a pilot is removed, a number of notification emails are sent by default:

  • The pilot is notified that he/she has been removed
  • All pilots who had previously requested this mission leg but were declined are notified that the mission leg is available

These are sent by default. If you wish to skip sending these emails, uncheck the option in the remove confirmation screen.

Add pilot 6.png